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Dachnye hot springs

Dachnye hot springs are often called the Small or Mini Valley of Geysers for the fact that there are many boiling water and mud boilers and even steam-water fountains. There are no real geysers here, and the effect of the gushing is formed due to the fact that the hot fumarolic gases pass through the cold waters of the mountain stream, heating them.

Dachnye hot springs consist of several groups, scattered for more than a kilometer, the most powerful and interesting of which is the Active (or Boiler) group. It is located in a small gorge of the tributary of the Falshivaya River. Here everything is hissing, bubbling, fumaroles are working with strong noise, and the rising clouds of steam are visible from afar. And really, this place is like a fragment of the Valley of Geysers.
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There are Dachnye hot springs at the headwaters of the Falshivaya River at the southeast foot of the Skalistaya Hill, north of the Mutnovsky volcano. Mutnovskaya geothermal power station is nearby. In the summer you can get here on a gravel road on almost any car, provided that the road is completely free of snow, usually in the period from July to September.