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Travelling on Kamchatka
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Travelling on Kamchatka
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Malkinsky springs

Hot and cold
Malkinsky thermal springs are located 130 km from the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky near the village of Malky in the picturesque valley of the river Klyuchevka, which is the left tributary of the Bystraya river. The location of the springs is a cozy green river valley, about 0.5 km wide, surrounded by hills covered with a stone-birch forest. Here, on a small thermal area, hot keys with a temperature of up to 80 ° C beat out directly from the sand and pebbles and, mixing with the cold water of the river, form several natural baths. Each bath has its own special composition and temperature.
Bathing in the Malkinsky springs is not only pleasant, but also useful. According to their composition, the Malkinsky springs belong to the Kamchatka group of siliceous-alkaline, hydrocarbonate-sulfate waters. The waters of the springs have a curative and health-improving effect in diseases of the musculoskeletal system, lesions of the peripheral nervous system, osteochondrosis, gynecological diseases, ear-nose-throat and skin diseases. In 1818, the first hospital was built in the location of the springs. Today there is a sanatorium, based on the treatment of diseases with the use of curative thermal water.
купание в Малкинских горячих источниках
Not far from hot springs there is Malkinsky plant for the production of mineral carbonated water. The plant is based on a field of cold mineral waters, whose composition are similar to mineral waters of the Caucasus. On the territory of the plant there is a pipe, from which everyone can taste clean, clear and already sparkling water directly from the bowels of the earth.

Visiting Malkinsky springs, you can not only relax and admire this picturesque corner of nature, but also gain healing powers, having plenty bathed in natural hot springs.
Малкинские горячие источники