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Travelling on Kamchatka
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Nalychevsky hot springs

Hot springs are located in the Nalychevo natural park in the basin of the river Pravaya Nalycheva. Conditionally they can be divided into three subgroups, located a few kilometers from each other: Goryacherechensky, Zheltorechensky, Travertine shield Kotyol.
At the foot of mountain Kruglaya there is a Travertine Shield, which is one of the main attractions of Nalychevo Park. Travertine is a rock composed of minerals of calcium carbonate. In the process of perennial deposits of carbon dioxide sources, a travertine shield was formed, occupying an area of about fifty square kilometers. On the surface you can see only its part in the form of a dome, called the Kotyol. The Kotyol is surrounded by thermal marshes, and Ivanov's griffin flows from its eastern side - a well drilled in 1959, the water temperature in it is 70-75 degrees.
травертиновый щит Котел
Налычевские горячие источники
Goryachetschensky springs pour out in the flood-plain of the Goryachaya River along its left bank on the border of the Bear Tundra. Springs are ennobled in the form of shallow swimming pools with changing rooms and wooden paths, in summer here you can constantly observe tourists, resting and restoring their strength after hard trekking. Especially these springs are unique by very large amounts of thermophilic algae.

Zheltorechensky springs are located on the right bank of the Zheltaya River in a half-kilometer from its confluence with the Goryachaya River. For bathing there is a non-ennobled natural font, which is convenient to a close location from the tent parking on the Zheltaya River.