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Travelling on Kamchatka
Tilda Publishing
Travelling on Kamchatka
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River Bystraya

(river Malkinskaya Bystraya)
The Bystraya River is one of the longest Kamchatka rivers, its length is 275 km. Bystraya flows from north to south along the southern spurs of the Sredinny Range, then turns southwest to the Sea of Okhotsk and merges in the downstream with the Plotnikova River, forming the Bolshaya River, one of the largest rivers of the peninsula.

The river plays an important role in the reproduction of Kamchatka salmon fishes. In its tributaries and headwaters, all species of Pacific salmon spawn: pink salmon, chum salmon, coho salmon, chinook salmon, sockeye salmon, sima salmon. Grayling, rainbow trout and east siberian char and especially numerous loach is often found in the river. Passing form of rainbow trout - Kamchatka salmon is also found.
Bystraya is very popular among water tourists. The best site for rafting - from the village Malky to the "Japanese Bridge" (intersection with the pipeline route). Such rafting lasts for at least 2 days, passing in the wild nature away from civilization. In this area, the river flows among picturesque hills covered with cedar and alder bushes. On the banks there are often thickets of shelamannik, whose height sometimes reaches 3 meters, as well as stone birch groves. Rafting down the river, you can easily see on the shore of brown bears fishing, and in the sky - the white-shouldered eagle. A few simple rapids will add a little adrenaline and impressions to the tourists.
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