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Volcano Dzenzur

Dzenzur is a fairly large volcanic massif strongly destroyed by the activity of glaciers. It is shaped like a horseshoe, that surrounds the crater from the west, north and east. The highest point of the volcano is 2285 meters above sea level. In the southern part of the crater, the current activity of the volcano in the form of fumaroles is concentrated. Periodically you can watch a fountain of hot water or even a boiling mud pot.

To the south from the crater of Dzenzur the stream Zhelob flows, made himself a channel in the ancient frozen lava flow. The stream represents a very interesting and beautiful sight: the water flows through canals, similar to the slides of water - park, overflows with cascades of waterfalls that pour into the fonts. In warm weather how not to bathe in one of these fonts!

In the northern part of the "horseshoe"there is the pass Dzenzur, from which fascinating views of the valley of the river Zhupanova, the cones of the volcano Zhupanov, the volcano Karymsky, which is constantly in the eruption stage, are opened. In addition, at the pass you can clearly hear multiple mountain echo.
ручей Желоб на вулкане Дзензур
Visiting the volcano Dzenzur is mostly within walking hike through the natural park Nalychevo. The path to the crater of the volcano begins at the Talovsky cordon and runs along the stream Zhelob. The way back takes place either along the climbing path or through a small pass and further descent along the southeastern slopes of the volcano, thus forming a ring. A walk to Dzendur always takes a whole day.
кратер вулкана Дзензур