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Travelling on Kamchatka
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Travelling on Kamchatka
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Mountain range Vachkazhets

Vachkazhets is a mountain range and at the same time an ancient extinct volcano, it has the status of a natural monument and is a rather popular place for active recreation in Kamchatka. Vachkazhets gives a contrast to the tourist sites of Kamchatka, this is the complete opposite of lifeless areas of active volcanism. It does not look like a volcano, but rather resembles the Swiss Alps.

Vachkazhets has a very lush flora, its altitudinal zonality is distinctly traced: a stone-birch forest with high grass, rising along the slopes of Vachkazhets, is replaced by creeping alder and cedar and then blooming alpine meadows. By the way, Vachkazhets are especially rich of subalpine flowers, the tourists show the greatest interest to the Rhododendrons, which are unusually many.
цветы на Вачкажце
In ancient times Vachkazhets was destroyed by a powerful volcanic explosion and now represents a mountain massif consisting of many peaks. Three peaks stand out most in the array: Letnyaya Poperechnaya, Vachkazhtsy and Vachkazhets, the highest point of which is 1556 meters above sea level.

The tourist trails of Vachkazhets are not leading to the peaks, but to waterfalls and mountain circuses. The routes here are rather easy and do not take much time, give an opportunity to fully enjoy the beautiful views of the mountain lake and the towering sharp peaks. Here you can see different birds, mountain marmots and ground squirrels.
горный массив Вачкажец