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Travelling on Kamchatka
Tilda Publishing
Travelling on Kamchatka
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Kamchatka in June

Tour without backpacks
In June there is still snow in the mountains of Kamchatka, but summer is already turning green in the valleys, and at this time Kamchatka is especially beautiful and interesting. In this tour, you will visit the craters of active volcanoes, see mountain waterfalls, spring flowers of alpine meadows, make a raft along the Bystraya river, go on a boat trip on a comfortable boat, take a walk along the coast of the open Pacific Ocean.

Камчатка в июне
In the program:
  • the volcano Mutnovsky;
  • the volcano Gorely;
  • the foot of the Avachinsky volcano;
  • the mountain massif Vachkazhets;
  • rafting on the river Bystraya (Malkinskaya);
  • thermal swimming pool in Paratunka;
  • sea trip on the boat;
  • сoast of the Pacific Ocean;
  • helicopter excursion - is optional
Duration: 8 days
Dates 2020:
14 - 21 of June; 21 - 28 of June.
Tour will be conducted on all announced dates, it is guaranteed!
  • Сost: 80000 rubles.
  • For children up to 14 years old inclusive - discount 10%
  • Online payment by bank card is possible
For a helicopter excursion to the Valley of Geysers or to the Kuril Lake you need to plan an additional day. That is, you need to arrive earlier and/or depart later.
Paratunka is a zone of thermal springs where recreation centers are located. Here, each hotel has its own swimming pool with hot spring.
About the complexity:
  • without overnight stays in tents;
  • special physical training is not required.
The cost includes:
  • transportation services under the program;
  • accommodation in a double room at the hotel (4 nights in Petropavlovsk and 2 nights in Paratunka), more about hotels;
  • food, more about food;
  • english speaking guide.
      The cost doesn't include:
      • meals in the city (during four nights);
      • travel insurance, you can buy here;
      • alcohol;
      • airline tickets.
      Transfer from and to the airport:
      • if you arrive 1-2 days earlier, the meeting is also carried out;
      • if you leave 1-2 days later, the transfer will also take place, but the place of departure will be indicated by the tour operator (one of the hotels from which tourists of the other group will depart).
            • The ascent to the volcano may not take place due to the weather, in this case other excursions in the area of the volcano will be organized.
            Required personal equipment:
            1. sleeping bag (you can rent from us for 400 rubles);
            2. trekking boots (necessarily waterproof);
            3. change of footwear (sneakers, sandals);
            4. storm jacket (membrane and with a hood);
            5. cloak or suit "raincoat" (not polyethylene, as this will tear quickly);
            6. warm clothing (preferably fleece);
            7. light hat, gloves;
            8. small backpack for climbing;
            9. trekking poles (telescopic sticks are folded very compact and easy to bring along.);
            10. sunlight glasses;
            11. sunlight protecting cream;
            12. swimming suit;
            13. individual medicines;
            14. personal care items;
            15. mosquito repellent;
            16. flashlight (preferably headlamp).
            More on equipment and personal gear
            Day 1
            Day 1
            Airport - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
            Meeting at the airport, transfer and accommodation at a hotel. On this day you can see the historical center of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, stroll along the embankment, walk along the Nikolskaya Hill, visit Maksutov's battery and other objects of the city's history.
            Day 2
            Day 2
            Sea trip - Khalaktyrsky beach
            Early in the morning we go on a sea voyage on a comfortable boat to the island Starichkov where you can see Kamchatka from the sea, to meet marine animals, fish and taste seafood.
            Then we will visit the observation deck on the Mishеnaya hill and go to the Khalaktyrsky beach, where a huge waves of open Pacific Ocean, black sand endless long beach are waiting for us, where there is feeling that you are on the edge of the earth, where Russia begins. The water in the ocean is not warm, but you can get your feet wet always, well, the bravest can swim.
            By evening, we return to the hotel in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
            Day 3
            Day 3
            Rafting on the river Bystraya, Malkinsky hot springs
            In the morning we go to the river to the place of the beginning of the rafting and begin the rafting. The rafting is not sporty and can be done by everyone, including children. Those interested can go fishing. On the river bank we have a picnic and cook salmon soup. After rafting we visit the Malkinsky hot springs where you can swim. In the evening we return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
            Day 4
            Day 4
            Vachkazhets - Paratunka
            In the morning we go to the area of the beginning of rafting, but along the way get acquainted with the unique place of Kamchatka nature -Vachkazhets, which is the highest peak of South Bystrinsky ridge. Vachkazhets - a mountain massif and at the same time an ancient extinct volcano, the height of its main peak is 1576 m. Hiking trails here are not to the heights, but are to the waterfalls and mountain circuses. Routes are pretty easy and does not take a long time, make it possible to fully enjoy the beautiful views of the mountain lake and towering sharp peaks. Landscape of Vachkazhets is markedly different from the areas of active volcanism, it looks more like the Swiss Alps. On its slopes you can observe a lot of alpine flowers. By evening, moving to a sanatorium zone - Paratunka, where accommodation at a hotel with a swimming pool with thermal water.
            Day 5
            Day 5
            To the foot of the Avachinsky volcano
            On the transport of high cross-country we ride to the foot of the Avachinsky and Koryaksky volcanoes. Upon arrival, we set off for a mini-ascent to the mountain Camel, located between two huge volcanoes. We will see a lot of Alpine flowers and be sure to meet evrazhka (berengi gophers) who like to pose in front of cameras for nuts and cookies. Mount Camel is also a kind of volcano formed by fissure eruption. Climbing a Camel is not difficult and takes no more than an hour in time, the absolute height is 1200 meters above sea level. By the evening we return to the hotel in Paratunka.
            Day 6
            Day 6
            Volcano Mutnovsky
            In the morning we go on a two-day trip over the Vilyuchinsky Pass to the Mutnovsky and Gorely volcanoes. Although the summer season has already begun, there is still spring on the volcanic plateau in June, and the snow has just begun to melt. Therefore, we will move on jeeps-all-terrain vehicles of particularly high cross-country.
            Having arrived as close as possible to the crater of Mutnovsky volcano, we will have to walk only about 1 hour. In the crater we will see a lot of fumaroles, fuming from the crevices and small cones of brimstone, bubbling mud pot, boiling and gushing geysers. On the eastern walls of the crater to the bottom the glacier descends, bringing pressure on the fumarole field - there is a struggle of the elements of ice and fire. On the way back we will see another spectacle: river Vulkannaya falls from a height of 80 meters into the canyon Opasny by powerful waterfall.
            For the night we go to the house of volcanologists, located under the volcano (sleep in sleeping bags).
            Day 7
            Day 7
            Volcano Gorely
            After breakfast we go to volcano Gorely. Ascent to the volcano usually takes 2-3 hours, but probably the jeeps-all-terrain vehicles will be able to drive on the shoulder of the volcano, greatly reducing our way on foot. Gorely Volcano has several craters, but in June the Crater Bowl is most interesting, as there is a blue lake at this time of year. By evening, we move to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, accommodate at the hotel.
            Day 8
            Day 8
            Transfer to the airport
            Day of flight home. Visiting the fish market, gift shop and departure to the airport. See you in Kamchatka again!
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