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Travelling on Kamchatka
Tilda Publishing
Travelling on Kamchatka
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Around Tolbachiks

Kamchatka's Annapurna
This is a journey for those who want to see the highest fire-breathing mountains of Eurasia, its beauty can be compared with the famous trekking around Annapurna. Route Tolbachik's ring passes among volcanoes of Klyuchevskaya group, which is impressive for its size and concentration in a relatively small area. Do not leave anyone indifferent area of Great Tolbachik fissure eruption, where heat of active volcanism retains to this day. Lunar landscapes and vast slag lava fields, alpine tundra with flowers and berries, glaciers, snowfields, mountain streams and volcanoes - giants.
Камчатка с севера на юг
В программе:
  • sights of Tolbachinsky Dole: Dead Wood, the cones of the North breakthrough, lava caves, lava flows of the eruption of 2012-2013;
  • the ascent to the volcano Plosky Tolbachik;
  • the ascent to the volcano Bezymjany or Zimina;
  • volcanoes of Klyuchevskaya group;
  • the field of Mars, the rock Polennitsa;
  • canyon of the river Studenaya, Baranу rocks;
  • bathing in hot springs in Esso;
  • coast of Pacific Ocean.
Duration: 13 days
Dates for summer 2020:
  • 22 of June – 4 of July;
  • 7 – 19 of July.
Tour will be conducted on all announced dates, it is guaranteed!
  • Сost: 62000 rubles.
  • Online payment by bank card is possible
Активная часть тура - это значит, что тур начнется утром второго дня программы, а закончится вечером в предпоследний день программы. То есть исключаются первый и последний дни, и связанные с ними услуги: трансфер в/из аэропорт(а), проживание в гостинице в первые и последние сутки.
The complexity of the hike is average among the hiking tours in Kamchatka. Daytime crossings with a backpack of 10-15 km, the total mileage of about 85 km. Accommodation on the active part of the route in tents.
The cost includes:
  • transportation services under the program;
  • accommodation in a double room at the hotel (2 nights - at the beginning and at the end of the tour);
  • multi-bed accommodation in a house in the village Kozyrevsk (1 night);
  • meals on the active part of the route;
  • english speaking guide services;
  • group equipment (tents, kitchen equipment, etc.);
  • permission to visit the natural park.
    The cost doesn't include:
    • food in the city;
    • lunch in the cafe of the village Milkovo (2nd and 12th days);
    • travel insurance, you can buy here;
    • alcohol;
    • airline tickets.
    Transfer from and to the airport:
    • if you arrive 1-2 days earlier, the meeting is also carried out;
    • if you leave 1-2 days later, the transfer will also take place, but the place of departure will be indicated by the tour operator (one of the hotels from which tourists of the other group will depart).
        In a hike:
        • cooking in the camp kitchen is performed in the order of duty of 2-3 people and with the assistance of an instructor-guide;
        • food and group equipment is evenly distributed among the participants of the hike$
        • it is possible to pass the route in the reverse order.
          Required personal equipment:
          1. backpack volume of 75 liters (it is better to have a larger volume, and for men it is better from 90 liters);
          2. sleeping mat;
          3. sleeping bag;
          4. sturdy waterproof trekking boots;
          5. change of footwear (sturdy sneakers);
          6. trekking poles;
          7. storm jacket (membrane and with a hood);
          8. cloak or suit "raincoat" (not polyethylene, as this will tear quickly);
          9. warm clothing (preferably fleece);
          10. light hat, gloves;
          11. sunlight glasses;
          12. sunlight protecting cream;
          13. swimming suit;
          14. personal unbreakable tableware (mug, bowl, spoon);
          15. individual medicines;
          16. personal care items;
          17. mosquito repellent;
          18. headlamp flashlight.
          More on equipment and personal gear
          Day 1
          Day 1
          Airport - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
          Meeting at the airport, transfer and accommodation at a hotel. On this day you can see the historical center of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, stroll along the embankment, walk along the Nikolskaya Hill, visit Maksutov's battery and other objects of the city's history.
          At 19:00 - meeting with the guide at the hotel, discussion of the program. Lunch and dinner on this day - independently
          Day 2
          Day 2
          Pacific Ocean - Kozyrevsk
          Early in the morning go to Khalaktyrsky beach, where a huge waves of open Pacific Ocean, black sand endless long beach are waiting for us, where there is feeling that you are on the edge of the earth, where Russia begins. The water in the ocean is not warm, but you can get your feet wet always, well, the bravest can swim. After that we drive in the northern direction to the village Kozyrevsk. The road will not be easy - 470 km, the one third of which - on the asphalt and two thirds of which - on a gravel road. Around in the middle of the road we have dinner in the café of the village Milkovo. Overnight in a private house.
          Day 3
          Day 3
          Tolbachinsky Dole, excursions
          We go to the foot of the volcano Plosky Tolbachik in the area of the Big fissure Tolbachik eruption by special car, along the way our car overcomes ford the river Studenaya. On this day, we have the excursions to all the major attractions of the Tolbachinsky Dole. We will see the tops of the once large trees of the Dead Wood, which was covered with a thick layer of volcanic ash and slag. We explore the unique lava caves of South breakthrough. We will climb one of the cones of the North breakthrough, where there are still manifestations of active volcanism and you can light a dry twig, putting it among the hot rocks. We set up a camp near the lava flow of the recent fissure eruption of 2012–13.Overnight in tents.
          Day 4
          Day 4
          Ascent to the Plosky Tolbachik
          Climbing the Plosky Tolbachik is not the easiest, it may take up to 8 hours. On the top a huge crater is waiting for us, diameter of which is 2 km and a depth of which is 500 m, with steep walls inward. When the weather is fine, panoramas of the volcanoes of Klyuchevskaya group and lifeless spaces of Tolbachinsky Dole with numerous cones and lava flows are opened.
          Day 5
          Day 5
          Trekking to the cordon Tolud
          Remove the camp and make a hike to the stream Tolud. Throughout the way the landscape gradually comes to life, passing from volcanic desert to alpine meadows.
          Day 6
          Day 6
          Trekking to the pass Tolbachinsky
          We overcome a simple pass Tolud and approach the pass Tolbachinsky. Along the way, we continue to see the volcanoes Plosky and Ostry Tolbachiks, Bolshaya and Malaya Udina, Ovalnaya Zimina.
          Day 7
          Day 7
          Pass Tolbachinsky - field of Mars
          We overcome the simple Tolbachinsky pass, there are excellent views of the volcanoes Kamen, Bezymjany and Ushkovsky. We stop for the night in the area of cones Mars and Jupiter, or rock Polennitsa. Walking to the rock Polennitsa, composed of separate basalt pillars, as well as to the cones Mars and Jupiter formed by volcanic processes in 1945.
          Day 8
          Day 8
          Climbing the volcano
          On this day, you climb to the edge of the old cone of an active volcano Bezymjany or to the shoulder of the volcano Zimina, where all views to the Klyuchevskaya group are opened.
          Day 9
          Day 9
          Reserve day. Rest, excursions, possible hiking.
          On this day, you can walk around the neighborhood, or you can make a small trekking to the Bogdanovich glacier setting up a camp closer to the volcanoes Kamen and Klyuchevskaya Sopka.
          Day 10
          Day 10
          Trekking to the stream Barany
          Remove the camp and go to the stream Barany, crossing ford the river Studenaya. According to the famous traveler and mountaineer Alexander Bichenko, this part of the route is the most beautiful in the world. In some places, when the weather is good, you can watch the 8 volcanoes simultaneously. We set up a camp near the picturesque waterfall. Excursion to the glade of edelweiss (bloom in early July).
          Day 11
          Day 11
          Cordon Kopyto - Esso
          A small passage through the mountain tundra to the mountain Kopyto. With a good visibility, we are shown the largest volcanoes of Kamchatka - Klyuchevskoy and Kamen. We go to the road, where we are met by the car and driven to the village Kozirevsk. Then we change into the bus and drive to the famous town - Esso, often called "Kamchatka Switzerland", where we are waiting for a swim in the pool with hot spring water. Overnight in tents.
          Day 12
          Day 12
          Transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
          Moving to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky will take a whole day. On the way we have lunch in Milkovo village. Overnight at the hotel.
          Day 13
          Day 13
          Transfer to the airport
          Day of flight home. Visiting the fish market, gift shop and departure to the airport. See you in Kamchatka again!

          Interactive map of the route Tolbachik's ring

          The route "Around Tolbachiks" and the main objects of the route are marked on the map. Movement by car is indicated by gray lines, hiking trails are marked by yellow lines. Approaching the map, you can see, for example, "smoking" fumaroles on the volcano Bezymjany or cones of the Tolbachinsky Dole. Photos are attached to objects.
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