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Travelling on Kamchatka
Tilda Publishing
Travelling on Kamchatka
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Trekking to Nalychevo valley

The path of the route runs along the beautiful natural park Nalychevo and is perhaps the most popular trekking (hiking) on Kamchatka. Here you will see the whole of Kamchatka in all its diversity: visit the craters of active volcanoes and in the groves of stone birch, on barren volcanic slag fields and meadows with flowers and berries, swim in thermal springs, and drink real natural mineral water. Trodden trail, bridges across the river, equipped places for camping make this route attractive even for those who are first time in the hiking, despite the long day's journey (up to 20 km).
! Accommodation in paid houses on the cordon Central is included in the price.
Налычевская долина
In the program:
  • ascent to the volcano Avachinsky;
  • ascent to the crater of the volcano Dzenzur;
  • bathing in Nalychevsky and Talovsky thermal springs;
  • Aagsky and Koryaksky narzans;
  • passes Pinachevsky and Avachinsky;
  • coast of Pacific Ocean.
Duration: 13 days
Dates for summer 2020:
  • 21 of July - 2 of August;
  • 4 - 16 of August.
Tour will be conducted on all announced dates, it is guaranteed!
  • Сost: 53000 rubles
  • For children up to 14 years old inclusive - discount 10%
  • Online payment by bank card is possible
The complexity of the hike is average among the hiking tours in Kamchatka. Daytime crossings with a backpack of 12-20 km, the total mileage of about 140 km. Accommodation on the active part of the route in tents and houses.
The cost includes:
  • transportation services under the program;
  • accommodation in a double room at the hotel (2 nights - at the beginning and at the end of the tour);
  • accommodation in a multi-bed house on the Central cordon (2-3 nights);
  • meals on the active part of the route;
  • english speaking guide services;
  • group equipment (tents, kitchen equipment, etc.);
  • permission to visit the natural park Nalychevo.
    The cost doesn't include:
    • food in the city;
    • travel insurance, you can buy here;
    • alcohol;
    • airline tickets.
    Transfer from and to the airport:
    • if you arrive 1-2 days earlier, the meeting is also carried out;
    • if you leave 1-2 days later, the transfer will also take place, but the place of departure will be indicated by the tour operator (one of the hotels from which tourists of the other group will depart).
        In a hike:
        • cooking in the camp kitchen is performed in the order of duty of 2-3 people and with the assistance of an instructor-guide;
        • food and group equipment is evenly distributed among the participants of the hike.
        Required personal equipment:
        1. backpack volume of 75 liters (it is better to have a larger volume, and for men it is better from 90 liters);
        2. sleeping mat;
        3. sleeping bag;
        4. sturdy waterproof trekking boots;
        5. change of footwear (sturdy sneakers);
        6. trekking poles;
        7. storm jacket (membrane and with a hood);
        8. cloak or suit "raincoat" (not polyethylene, as this will tear quickly);
        9. warm clothing (preferably fleece);
        10. light hat, gloves;
        11. sunlight glasses;
        12. sunlight protecting cream;
        13. swimming suit;
        14. personal unbreakable tableware (mug, bowl, spoon);
        15. individual medicines;
        16. personal care items;
        17. mosquito repellent;
        18. headlamp flashlight.
        More on equipment and personal gear
        Day 1
        Day 1
        Airport - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
        Meeting at the airport, transfer and accommodation at a hotel. On this day you can see the historical center of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, stroll along the embankment, walk along the Nikolskaya Hill, visit Maksutov's battery and other objects of the city's history. At 19:00 - meeting with the guide at the hotel, discussion of the program. Lunch and dinner on this day - independently.
        Day 2
        Day 2
        Sea trip - Khalaktyrsky beach
        In the morning we move to the Khalaktyrsky beach, where a huge waves of open Pacific Ocean, black sand endless long beach are waiting for us, where there is feeling that you are on the edge of the earth, where Russia begins. The water in the ocean is not warm, but you can get your feet wet always, well, the bravest can swim.
        Then we drive on the "Dry River" to the pass between the volcanoes Avachinsky and Koryaksky - to the starting point of the hiking route. We set up and take a walk on a small hill «Camel». Overnight in tents.
        Day 3
        Day 3
        Ascent to volcano Avachinsky
        A rise comes on the trodden path and takes 5-7 hours. The height of the volcano - 2741 m above sea level. In good weather, on the edge of the crater (at top) wide views to the city Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Yelizovo, Avacha Bay, volcanoes Vilyuchinsky, Mutnovsky, Gorely, to Nalychevo Valley and volcanoes Dzenzur and Zhupanovsky are opened. Eastern neighbor of the volcano "Avacha" - Kozelskiy volcano (2190 m above sea level.) are visible clearly. And throughout the whole ascent the formidable cone of the western neighbor and older brother of "Avacha" - Koryaksky volcano (3456 m above sea level.) watches us strictly. In the crater we observe fumaroles (outputs of hot volcanic gas and steam), bask in the warm ground and go down to the camp.
        Day 4
        Day 4
        Pass Avachinsky – the area of Koryaksky narzans
        Go through the pass Avachinsky and go around the volcano Koryaksky from the north. The path goes through the deserted volcanic slag fields with views of glaciers and solidified lava flows of volcanoes. By evening, the landscape gradually comes to life, passing from volcanic desert to alpine meadows.
        Day 5
        Day 5
        Koryaksky narzans - Aagsky narzans
        Continue the path to Nalychevo Valley by volcanoes Aag and Arik, drink Koryaksky narzans (natural mineral waters), we get down to the valley of the river Shumnaya. The surrounding nature continues to recover, forgetting the volcanic activity.
        Day 6
        Day 6
        The area of Aagsky narzans – Cordon Central
        Go through the right tributary of the river Shumnaya, where watch the powerful waterfall, pass through the area Aagsky narzans. Then get down to valley Nalychevo, the path goes along the beautiful forest of stone birch. Go to the Central cordon of Nalychevo, we are located in a multi-bed house. Bathing in the hot thermal springs.
        Day 7
        Day 7
        Day of the rest, excursions
        Excursions on the travertine shield Boiler and Ivanov's gryphon, visiting a local museum, swimming in Goryacherechensky and Zheltorechensky springs. If there is a good weather and you have the desire, can make a small ascent to the nearest top.
        Day 8
        Day 8
        Cordon Central - Cordon Talovsky
        A small transition in the direction of the volcano Dzenzur (12 km) to the cordon Talovsky. Along the way, we make an excursion to the Local Lore springs. Then along the trail go to the Talovsky thermal springs, where we camp for the next 2 overnights. Bathing in the hot springs and therapeutic mud. There is an opportunity to spend the night in an old tourist shelter.
        Day 9
        Day 9
        Climbing the Volcano Dzenzur
        A rise comes on the very interesting and beautiful stream Zhelob, taking the source in the crater of the volcano and made riverbed from solidified lava flows, like a water slides of water park. In the crater we see a powerful fumaroles, gushing by geyser to a height of 2 meters, and in a good weather great views of the Nalychevo valley and Avachinsky group of volcanoes. On the northern saddle of the crater views of the valley of the river Zhupanova, cone of the volcano Zhupanovsky, volcano Karymsky are opened.
        Day 10
        Day 10
        Cordon Talovsky - Cordon Central
        We return to the cordon Central of Nalychevo, are located in a multi-bed house. Rest, bathing in hot springs.
        Day 11
        Day 11
        Cordon Central - Cordon Semenovsky
        On this day, we have to overcome the pass Pinachevsky. The path goes through a birch forest, turning into alpine meadows and opening the most beautiful panoramas on the pass. Go down the pass and spend the night in the old tourist shelter Perevalny or on the cordon Semenovsky.
        Day 12
        Day 12
        Cordon Semenovsky - village Pinachevo - Petropavlovsk-K.
        Day of the finish of our trek. Go down the valley of the river Pinachevo to the village of the same name, where we are met by a car. Moving into civilization and accommodation at a hotel.
        Day 13
        Day 13
        Transfer to the airport
        Day of flight home. Visiting the fish market, gift shop and departure to the airport. See you in Kamchatka again!

        Interactive map of the route to Nalychevo valley

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