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Travelling on Kamchatka
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Travelling on Kamchatka
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Meals on our tours

Most of our tourists, when they buy a tour, rely on camping food in active tours of Kamchatka, that is, figuratively speaking of "buckwheat with canned meat". In fact, we have a much more varied diet than can be expected from the camp kitchen.
On the table there are always slices of cheese, sausage, red fish. Milk porridge is always prepared for breakfast (tourists often say that they have not eaten porridge since childhood and this turns out to be very tasty!) and often pancakes or cheesecakes.

Lunch can be quick in the form of a hearty snack - it depends on the place and time. For example, if it is rafting, then stopping during the rafting for lunch, cooks will not have time to make a full meal from the first and second. But in the evening the first and second dishes will be cooked. On rafting - this is of course fish soup. Cooks also prepare various other first courses. The second may be goulash and other meat dishes, although there may be "buckwheat with canned meat" - it all depends on the place and time. Fish is also often in the menu, especially on rafting. Caught fish is often baked in foil on fire coals.

To climb, tourists get snacks consisting of sandwiches, nuts, dried fruit (raisins, dried pineapples), a chocolate bar, a small pack of juice, and some water.

For tea, there is always delicious sweets and cookies.

See for yourself about our food in the attached videos:
The information above does not apply to hiking in Kamchatka. In hiking with backpacks, of course, food is simpler, since provisions must be carried by you. But all the same, our tourists - hikers are always satisfied with the food.