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Travelling on Kamchatka
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Rules of bear safety

Kamchatka is famous for its huge population of brown bears, and most tourists would certainly like to see this huge beast in its natural habitat. In active tours around Kamchatka, such an opportunity, as a rule, appears, but it is necessary to know and remember the safety rules when traveling in the region of bears.

Consider the basic rules of "bear safety" on the example of comics published by the Kronotsky Reserve.
правили медвежьей безопасности 1
Never approach a bear, even if it behaves "friendly".

Usually, a bear, hearing and sensing a person, goes away, avoiding a direct meeting with unfamiliar beings. There are also situations when the "clubfooted " is on the windward side and cannot sense the approaching people. And in this case, suddenly seeing and hearing people, the bear, as a rule, either "gives a tear" or quietly leaves. But there are also cases when the "bear" does not leave, but simply observes, eats the berry or fishes and is not going to leave. In such a case, you should never approach it, no matter how safe or indifferent he would look to people, the predator may regard it as a threat or even aggression. It is necessary to move away from the bear, avoiding him, constantly looking back and controlling changes in its behavior. And you can never run away - the bear runs much faster than any athlete. The same applies to the cubs, because their mother can come and start instinctively to protect their children.
правили медвежьей безопасности 2
Tourists and gardeners do not throw waste anywhere! You attract bears and all the bearish problems.

All food waste in hikes are burned, if it is polyethylene packaging or plastic, or burned outside and carried away with itself (for example, cans from stewed meat and condensed milk), food leftovers are washed off in the river when washing dishes. And you can never leave anything edible, so as not to lure predatory animals.
правили медвежьей безопасности 3
Never feed a bear: he quickly gets impudent, in the future requires food and attacks people.

"Lured" bears periodically come to the mass tourist camps and the fate of such animals - always shooting, because the bear gets impudent. And if the "bear" tries condensed milk, then he will not definitely leave people, and he will easily distinguish a can of condensed milk from the cans with green peas or corn.
правили медвежьей безопасности 4
Do not fish where the bear is fishing. A hungry bear can persistently claim your catch.

Really, it is not necessary to seduce a bear with fish. There were cases on rafting, when, after successful fishing, there was a fish in the raft or simply the smell of fish, as a result, in the morning people found a torn raft on the river bank.
правили медвежьей безопасности 5
Do not set up tents near the "dining room". The bear may come early in the morning, attracted by the smell of food.

In the case of hiking, the dining room itself is not at all, the maximum is a canopy with a fire pit. It was said above about food waste, and there is no need to leave food, because if not a bear, then foxes and rodents can eat and deprive you of provisions. In car and hiking trips large camping tent can be used as a kitchen and dining room. And then it will really be attractive for the "lured" bear. Then it is better to set up residential tents at some distance from the kitchen tent.
правили медвежьей безопасности 6
Protect the boundaries of the camp. Men can leave items used underwear change, socks.

I have never heard of such a method and have not seen anyone apply it (and I would not want to). But nevertheless, employees of the Kronotsky Reserve, probably not for fun, give this recommendation.
правили медвежьей безопасности 7
Do not carry with you anything strongly smelling of food and household chemicals. Curious bears are like drug addicts.

Do not take anything with you on a hike is simply impossible. Use polyethylene packaging, bags.

правили медвежьей безопасности 8
Constantly announce your presence with noisy cues, singing. To walk better in a group.

It is especially necessary to announce your presence when traveling in elfin and tall grasses, because you can meet a bear in such a "jungle" quite unexpectedly - a few meters away, which is especially dangerous. Therefore, songs, stories, jokes - this is not only for a cheerful mood, but also for safety. The ringing of metal dishes and any sounds unnatural for nature are also excellent.
правили медвежьей безопасности 9
Don't scare the bear! Fright initiates an attack.

Unexpectedly to frighten a bear, of course, is not necessary. But you need to have firecrackers with flares, flare guns, and false flares - pyrotechnics usually helps in critical situations. But you cannot aim a firecracker or rocket launcher at the bear himself - a wound will provoke an attack.
правили медвежьей безопасности 10
In the world of bears, the size of an adversary is crucial. Increase your size visually.

Bears usually retreat in front of larger foes. It will be especially if the whole group gathers together, depicting a single large being. You can also add the ringing of metal dishes and other sounds unnatural for nature.